Today a swarm of celebrities came together in a Back to the Future-themed ad campaign for a real-life hoverboard. Just 30 years after the movie that made us fall in love with flying skateboards, they're here! ... Except they're not.

Despite getting the seal of approval from both Christopher "Doc Brown" Lloyd and Tony "Tony Hawk" Hawk, HUVr is obviously a fake-fake-fakity-fake. Because physics.

However, it's a slick, expensive fake, and the star power behind it is real. Along with Lloyd and Hawk, HUVr's got Moby, Terrell Owens, and Billy Zane.

Yep, that's the same Billy Zane who played one of Biff's cronies/bodyguards in Back to the Future and BTTF2. Could that, along with Doc Brown and the Delorean, be a clue to a fourth Future flick?

Or is it just another "game-changing" location-based mobile app? If whoever's behind HUVr gets their way, we won't know until December.

And hey, maybe some MIT physics students with stock-photo-model good looks really did invent hoverboards. It could be hoverboards, right? I want to believe.

Update: One of the "MIT kids" appears to be an actor. Shocking!

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