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Former UFC combatant and current professional MMA fighter Josh Neer got so fed up with a troll harassing and challenging him to fights on Facebook, that he finally invited the guy to come by his gym, where he delivered the vicious, relentless beating you see above.

In an official statement sent to MMA site Bloody Elbow, Neer justified his beatdown of Patrick Martin by explaining that "the guys[sic] a dumbass and been talking shit about MMA fighters for a month" and pointing out that Martin is 6'6" and weighs 270, while Neer himself is just 5'5".

This battle of dumb, overgrown babies was hardly fair, but Martin literally asked for it. In Facebook messages Neer shared with Bloody Elbow, he threw out boasts like "you won't hit me, guaranteed!" and "I will put you in an ambulance!"

But all those boasts were just stories that he told himself, probably because he wanted to feel big and strong inside. Look at them fight. Look at him getting hit over and over, very hard, by someone whose job is to hit people very hard. This was a bad idea.

It takes two to tango, though—and when I say "tango," I mean attempt to batter one another until one of them loses consciousness. Josh Neer knew that he was good at fighting, and it must have made him very angry that someone kept telling him he was not. One way to handle those angry feelings is to delete the mean and petty messages, take a walk, and maybe drink a glass of warm milk. Another way is to invite that person to your gym and punch him until he cries, then kick him.

Neer chose the punching way—it is familiar and he is good at it! It did not work, though. Although the punchy-kicky part of his plan went well, it did not make Martin stop. In fact, Neer put this video of a horrific beating online because he thought Martin might be embarrassed and finally "shut up."

That also did not work.

On Facebook, Martin now says he actually won the fight, and the video shows Neer unfairly attacking him after their match, which "didn't hurt at all." He says he would like a rematch.

Both of these people are grown adults who need a time-out, a nap, and a break from playing together if they can't play nice.

[h/t BroBible, Screengrab: Josh Neer via Bloody Elbow]