Over 40 people, and this one woman who looks just like Lindsay Lohan, were injured after an apparent natural-gas explosion rocked central Prague on Monday, causing the evacuation of several nearby buildings. Only four were seriously hurt in the blast, and there are no reports of fatalities.

The building, which houses Prague's FAMU film school, an art gallery, and an office of the International Air Transport Association, seemed to sustain significant damage, and nearby buildings had their windows blown out. "I was sitting quietly in my flat, making coffee. Then there was an incredible explosion. I thought the building would collapse. I looked out the window, and there was only dust everywhere," a witness, who did not look like Lindsay Lohan, told Reuters. The explosion was apparently heard as much as a mile away.

Lohan could not be reached for comment. Further examination reveals that the woman in question does indeed look a lot like Lindsay Lohan:

[Reuters, images via AP, AFP/Getty]