Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush is taking his message of naked emotional vulnerability directly to the people. As of this week, Bush wants to be America’s email buddy. True to his word, it seems like Jeb will respond to almost anyone.

We should’ve known Jeb was setting the response threshold pretty low when he asked children to email him and promised to respond:

This may not be the best use of his time, given that these children cannot vote and probably don’t know very much at all, but I’m no expert. And, as one Gawker reader shared with us, he’s taking plenty of time to respond to adults, too:

A controversial choice. What will the American Cattleman Voter think of this beef snub? Does Jeb know that turkey jerky, although certainly a healthy source of protein, often contains more sugar than beef jerky?

I wanted to see if Jeb really would reply to any question from an American voter, no matter how inane:

A disappointing response for a variety of reasons. Suffice it to say that on this basis alone I will not be voting for Jeb Bush in 2016.

If you have a question of your own, you can reach Governor Bush at

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