Ted Cruz, Iowa caucus winner and current GOP frontrunner, has been hitting border control hard throughout the course of his campaign. And now, thanks to EXCLUSIVE photographs that you can only get here on Gawker.com, we may have our very first glimpse at a President Cruz’s border defense policy.

The photograph of Cruz was taken by our tipster back in October as he was passing through first class while boarding a plane. The game Cruz is playing, according Kotaku Editor-in-Chief and Gawker Resident iPhone Tower Expert Stephen Totilo, is Tower Madness 2, a “tower defense” game.

As Totilo explained, “The idea of a tower defense game is that you have a base that’s usually in a cul-de-sac. Enemies come into the screen walking down a winding path toward the base [and] are called ‘creeps’ because they, well, creep forward. What you do to stop them is set up towers along the wait. The towers usually have cannons, bows and arrows, lasers and shit like that. The more creeps you kill, the more money you get to buy better towers.”

Now, we already know Cruz has his eye on building a wall. A little over a month ago, Cruz told conservative radio host Jeff Kuhner that “We will build a wall that works, we will secure the border, we will triple the Border Patrol, we will increase four-fold the fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft... We know how to solve this problem, and we will end sanctuary cities, we will end welfare for people here illegally, we will end catch-and-release, and we will deport criminal illegal aliens.”

Interesting that Cruz used the term “alien,” because as it just so happens, in Tower Madness 2, the very “creeps” from which Cruz is defending his tower are actual (“actual”) space aliens. Note the flying saucer below:

Does Cruz see illegal immigrants as space aliens? Does he expect to buy more guns with the money immigrants drop after being blasted, so to speak? Where does Cruz expect to get giant lasers? Has he lost touch with reality? Have we?

We’ve reached out to the Cruz campaign for comment, and will update if and when we hear back.

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