Pictured: Robert Trump (in white sweater) outside Desmond’s Tavern

Tuesday was a good night for the Trump family. Donald won the Florida Republican primary. And his brother Robert had tickets to tonight’s Billy Joel show at Madison Square Garden.

Gawker tipster Cameron G spotted Robert Trump, Donald’s (slightly) younger brother, at a Manhattan establishment described by Google as a “bare-bones Irish bar.”

Cameron writes:

This may not be the most groundbreaking news ever, but I was in a dive bar tonight in Murray Hill called Desmond’s Tavern when a party bus rolled up outside, and its occupants pored in and insisted the bar start blasting Billy Joel. The large and obnoxious crowd started pounding martinis and chicken wings, then started inexplicably (so it seemed) cheering the televised election returns reporting Trump’s large lead in Florida.

This all seemed very perplexing until one of the group leaders revealed himself to be Donald’s not-so-well-known brother Robert, who along with his friends (?) was on the way to tonight’s Billy Joel concert.

Aside from the raucous Trump cheering they were pretty orderly, save for some of the crew who attempted to smuggle their drinks out in solo cups to the party bus.

According to Cameron, Trump’s wife paid the tab, and “left an adequate tip.”

More photos, courtesy Cameron, below.