The 2014 Winter Olympics are about to be overtaken by Johnny Weir, the ex-Olympic figure skater now working for NBC during this year's Games. Absorb his above look, because it's more fun than anything that has happened in Sochi so far.

Weir has appeared on television in at least two different outfits so far this weekend, and both have been incredible. Above we see a white blazer over a white sheer v-neck shirt with a dramatic gold necklace pulled straight from your grandmother's closet. (Or Lil B's. One of the two.)

And below we see a a black blazer over a white oxford with black lines scribbled on it and a massive gold-and-pearl ring, which actually seems understated by his standards.

Weir is arguably the most outspoken gay figure skater in the history of a sport that has gone to great lengths to keep its gay members in the closet. By going to Sochi as an openly gay man, Weir is trying to balance wanting to be a part of the Olympics with making a statement about Russia's LGBT oppression.

This — being his vibrant self, essentially — is his statement, which will be enough for some people but not enough for others. As skating inches to the forefront of the Olympics, Weir and his personal style are going to get attention, but we won't really be talking about the clothes.