Mitchell Wright, a nine-year veteran of the Seattle police force who spent three of those working with the DEA, had big dreams. He wasn't satisfied with taking drugs off the streets — in fact, it was the opposite. He was going to become a drug kingpin, and strippers were going to help him.

Wright was arrested last summer after an investigation discovered oxycodone and other drugs in his apartment that he had stolen from police custody. According to the cops, the street value of the drugs ranged from about $36,000 to $52,000. After he was arrested and fired from the King County PD, local officers spotted Wright at the home of a suspected drug dealer.

A subsequent undercover investigation revealed Wright's plan: he was providing strippers with meth and heroin as a means to coerce them into becoming dealers for him. Eventually, Wright planned to control the North Seattle drug trade.

He was not successful: Wright was arrested again on Feb. 11 of this year after he sold drugs to undercover officers in a number of sting operations. According to court filings, Wright boasted to a police informant that he "could never be caught or arrested, as he knew all of the tricks that police use to investigate drug dealers."

Funnily enough, the man who thought he was going to take over Seattle with a crew of dope dealing strippers was wrong.

[via Seattle Post-Intelligencer]