Robert Durst was a "good listener" who kept only a saw in his luxury apartment's spare bedroom, according to a Dallas woman who claims to have dated the accused murderer in 2000. "There was a little bedroom with a concrete floor, and it had a saw," Linda Walker Zevallos told the TODAY Show.

TODAY tracked down a Dallas real estate blogger, who said she spoke to the luxury building's manager about the mysterious room. "[Durst] wanted that because he told them he used a lot of chemicals," she said. "I have no idea [what the chemicals are for], but it's very creepy."

Durst lied to Zevallos about his profession and family when the two first met aboard a flight, telling her that he worked as a labor lawyer and had two daughters at Harvard.

Zevallos also said Durst kept two guns in the back seat of his car, which he told her about as her young son was riding with them to dinner. "Don't touch the guns," Durst reportedly told her son.

At another dinner, Zevallos says, Durst grew angry with her when she ordered the same entree as him. "He kicked me under the table," she said. At one point in their relationship, Durst reportedly told Zevallos about Susan Berman, the woman he is accused of murdering in December 200o, saying she was suffering from "troubles" and that he would probably need to visit her. Not long after, Zevallos broke up with Durst because of his "eccentricities"; a few months later, Berman was killed execution-style in her L.A. home.

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