[There was a video here]

This morning, ousted Democratic National Committee chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz spoke in front of collected party members before its convention in Philadelphia. Her speech... could have gone better.

Part of it was broadcast by cable news networks. Above, from CNN’s feed, you see the moment in her speech where Wasserman Schultz began to be overtaken by jeers from the (presumably) pro-Bernie Sanders faction in the room, which set off counter-cheers among party loyalists. Wasserman Schultz, who spent much of her speech talking about how she will personally help the state of Florida elect Hillary Clinton, began to stumble over her words as the noise reached a crescendo.

The anti-Wasserman Schultz contingent—which were holding pieces of paper that read “E-MAILS”—shouted “shame!” at the deposed committee leader. The chant, which is adopted from Game of Thrones, has been popular among Democrats recently—it was shouted at Paul Ryan on the House floor after the defeat of gun legislation—but it takes on a bit of a weird connotation when directed at a woman being asked to repent for her sins (of which there were plenty) before a gathered crowd. In any event, bye, Debbie.