An ex-con who calls himself "The God of Time" used his pickup truck to force a terrified young mom into oncoming traffic on a Washington state highway, prosecutors in Snohomish County said this week.

The man in the pickup claims he was being shot at and pursued by a convoy of cars from a "motorcycle gang" trying to kill him on the night of January 20, according to The Herald. Both Mulholland and his mother—who was apparently at her home—reportedly called 911 about the highway attack that only Mulholland could see.

Sheriff's deputies who witnessed the pickup truck menace the woman's tiny Honda Civic say there were no gunshots, no guns, no other cars involved and no outlaw bikers in sight—only the ex-con and his F-150 pickup truck repeatedly running the woman off U.S. Highway 2. Her two small children were in the back seat.

Billy Mulholland, a 50-year-old violent felon who already escaped a life sentence under Washington's three strikes law, faces life in prison again if convicted of assault. He pleaded not guilty on Monday.

It's not the first time Mulholland claimed to be attacked on the road. His three-strikes conviction was over a bizarre 1995 gun battle that started with an argument about a used car sale. Mulholland claimed he was shot at by the driver of an El Camino, but it was Mulholland who forced the El Camino's driver at gunpoint into a house, where the real shooting began.

An appeals court eventually reversed Mulholland's life sentence, but he still got 15 years for being a "career criminal" felon with a gun. After release in 2010, Billy Mulholland started calling himself "The God of Time" and put up a website, YouTube videos and a Facebook page offering his services as a consultant for people awaiting their prison sentences.

The New York Times featured Mulholland and his new consulting business in a 2012 story in the "Fashion & Style" section. The article notes that Mulholland couldn't charge for his advice, because his parole terms don't allow him to deal with known felons.

Mulholland told deputies that he had been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. According to The Everett Herald and the Monroe Monitor, Mulholland had made other recent claims of people trying to kill him and entered a mental clinic last month.

HLN, the former breaking news channel run by CNN, has used Mulholland as an expert despite his long history of mental problems and violence.

Ken Layne writes Gawker's American Journal. Photo by Robert Gaskin via Flickr.