Former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader Molly Shattuck, the estranged wife of former Constellation Energy CEO Mayo Shattuck, has been accused of performing oral sex on a 15-year-old boy whom she "spotted" on Instagram. Molly, 47, was indicted on nine counts in an ongoing investigation, including two counts of third-degree rape.

WBAL-TV reports:

The investigation of Molly Shattuck centers on a relationship she developed starting in May with a 15-year-old boy. She spotted the boy's pictures on Instagram and made sure he got her cellphone number, according to court affidavits the I-Team has reviewed.

Molly Shattuck and the boy started communicating before meeting in person, according to the documents. Their first alleged physical contact—kissing and touching—happened when Molly Shattuck met the boy in Columbia, then drove to a middle school parking lot in Mount Airy and got in the back seat of Molly Shattuck's car.

The documents say Molly Shattuck would pick the boy up from summer school and go park in an Owings Mills parking garage almost a half-dozen times in July.

The most disturbing incident listed in the affidavits happened over Labor Day weekend in Delaware, where Molly was watching her kids and her kids' friends at a rented beach house. WBAL reports:

The boy stayed over one night. The documents say, "Sometime around 2 a.m. Sunday morning, they drove to a liquor store and (Molly) Shattuck purchased a 12-pack of Miller Lite and a 12-pack of Bud Light for them."

The younger kids were left home alone. Once back at the house, Molly Shattuck allegedly performed oral sex on the boy, first outside the home while walking the dog and again in her bedroom.

The documents say "(the boy) described the undergarments (Molly) Shattuck was wearing when he entered her bedroom."

The documents say she allegedly performed oral sex on the boy and told him "if he wanted to have sex she would. The boy opted out. He decided to leave. At that point, she told him to come back later but he did not go back."

Investigators searched Molly's $2.5 million home, looking for her cell phone and "pink underwear."

Molly was once best-known as the oldest woman to become an NFL cheerleader at 38 years old. In March, she was the subject of a Baltimore Sun puff piece where she said that her focus after her separation from Mayo was on her new book and raising her family.

Her website is now offline for "maintenance."

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