Is there a more evil prank to pull on children than to tell them school has been canceled, only to reveal moments later that, in fact, it has not? No, there isn't.

Which is exactly why one unidentified bus driver decided to pull that very same prank on the kids in his care this past April Fool's Day.

Telling the children a water main break has forced their school to close, giving them an extra day of Spring Break, the driver sent the bus into upheaval, with screeches of glee that damn near forced the vehicle off a cliff.

Eventually, one of the nerdier students sussed out what day it was, and the screams of delight were quickly replaced with screams of anguish and very deserving cries of "I hate you."

It's unclear why it took nearly two months for the video to be uploaded to YouTube, but my guess is that it took the driver this long to get the kids to calm down.