So you’ve probably heard of “Brexit” by now.

It’s a big vote that’s about go down in merry ol’ Britain, guv’nor.

“Britain? You mean like the place from Harry Potter?”

Yep! Unfortunately, someone already wrote the Harry Potter GIFs “Brexit” explainer. Fortunately, Britain is also the place from Equus, the 1977 psychosexual drama concerning the brutal and mysterious blinding of six horses in the English countryside.

“Sounds confusing.”

It’s a little confusing! Just like teenage stable boy Alan Strang’s alternately religious and carnal fixation on horses. But it’s also simple! Like the powerful imprint a horse painting made on Strang as a child.

“I still don’t get it.”

Well basically, the United Kingdom is holding a national referendum on Thursday over whether to remain in the European Union and continue enjoying the benefits of lowered barriers to international trade and travel or leave the EU and gain greater control over regulatory, monetary and immigration policy. Right-wing populists have been campaigning hard for withdrawal, playing up the “Islamic hordes” angle, while centrists on the right and left have united under “Remain,” warning of potential economic disaster. You can see it as part of the (disturbingly nativist) pushback to neoliberal policies occurring throughout much of the West right now. As of Monday, betting markets have “Leave” at around 28 percent, according to Business Insider.

“No, I get the ‘Brexit’ thing. I just don’t understand why you’re using creepy horse GIFs instead of talking to me like an adult.”

GIFs are fun!