Texas, a vast desert land populated by terrifying ants, is home to most of America's fastest-growing cities, for reasons that remain unclear.

According to new Census Bureau data released today, Texas is home to eight of the 15 fastest-growing cities in America over the past year. Percentage-wise, nowhere in America grew as fast as San Marcos, Texas. Also among the nation's ten fastest growing cities: Midland, Texas; Cedar Park, Texas; Georgetown, Texas; and Conroe, Texas.

What is it that makes Texas so attractive? Is it the prisons? The racism? The deadly weather? The deadly animals? The deadly crime? The deadly political leadership? The costumed sex fetish conventions? The cannibal necromancers?

Maybe it's just that good old Texas barbecue.

Still plenty of room left in Texas, folks.

[Census.gov. Photo of Texas State Capitol building: patita pirata/ Flickr]