Proving that conservatives don't hold exclusive rights on Second Amendment stupidity, here is a video of a 31-year-old liberal running for Congress on the strength of his ability to hit an elephant piñata with a shotgun from 10 yards, which is both easy and dumb dumb dumb.

The liberal in question is Estakio Beltran, who ostensibly sounds qualified for office: recent grad of Columbia's graduate public affairs school, a foster-families success story who's worked for Democratic Sen. Maria Cantwell of Washington and Rep. Dennis Cardoza of California.

His Democratic campaign for Washington's 4th Congressional District is "focused on expanding child welfare benefits and job creation," he claims. He wants to work for "those Americans who are hardworking and could just do so much more if we gave them a hand up instead of a hand down."

Right, and nothing says that better than blasting the bejeezus out of a token stand-in for the political party that opposes you. Via Vocativ:

"They say I can't win in this district," Beltran says as he trains his gun at the GOP mascot. "But what happens to an elephant that stands around doing nothing for too long?"

Beltran pulls the trigger. The elephant takes a slug to the tuchus.

This inane Capitol-cowboy equation of political struggle with armed conflict puts Beltran not in the company of compassionate statesmen, but in the company of Sarah "Reload" Palin, a Georgia anti-Obama redneck with a cannon, this Alabama Republican dude with his gun BBQ smoker, and the lady who brags about how well she can de-nut a pig.

Don't we have a participatory political system in order to not decide disagreements with boomsticks?