It's Monday, and the world is an unforgiving nightmare, so here's some schadenfreude to lighten your day: at a rally held in France by the often-topless feminist group Femen, a riot gear-clad cop totally beefed while trying apprehend the sprinting horde of bare-chested ladies.

The Daily Dot reports that this weekend's demonstration was organized in protest of the "sexual exhibition" conviction of Iana Zhdanova, a Femen member who was arrested for stabbing a statue of Vladmir Putin while topless. Twenty-five demonstrators were reportedly arrested, but surely, this guy toppling into his own oversized shield makes up for it. (Video is probably NSFW, obviously.)

Look at that nosedive! Flailing all the way down. I could watch it on loop for hours. Fortunately, there's already a GIF.