In 1776, the Phi Beta Kappa society was founded at the College of William and Mary for men in the "pursuit of liberal education and intellectual fellowship." Over the course of the next two centuries, Greek letter societies proliferated across the U.S. and morphed into the all-male butt-chugging clubs we know as fraternities today. This year in particular was big for frats, in that they were clearly identified as the primary arena for rape to take place on campus.

In light of Rolling Stone's massive reporting fuck-up at UVa, the conversation about how much danger frats pose to women (and sometimes their own members) has been sidetracked. Let's not forget that frats are still bad.

Statistically speaking, fraternity men are three times more likely to commit rape than their non-Greek peers. Keeping in mind that most victims do not report rape, and many reports do not make the news, here is a month-by-month rundown of reports involving rape at fraternities this year. Let us know if we missed any.


12/3: Two men are charged with the rape of a 16-year-old girl that allegedly happened in the bathroom of Johns Hopkins University's SAE house.

12/8: Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles warns students to avoid an "unregistered" SAE chapter after multiple women allege they were sexually assaulted there.

12/13: Cleveland State suspends Sigma Tau Gamma and one individual brother after someone reports a sexual assault at the house.

12/13: Stanford suspends SAE's housing privileges for "sexual harassment" of female guests, including exposing guests to material containing "graphic sexual content and offensive comments regarding domestic physical abuse of women." The University also noted "potential instances of drugged drinks and other misconduct involving women at SAE."


11/9: A Brown student's test result for the date rape drug GHB comes back positive after she drank punch at the Phi Psi house in October. Another student's result is still pending.

11/17: Five Ramapo College students are charged in connection with a sexual assault that allegedly occurred in a dorm room after the victim's attackers took her from a frat party. Two of the men allegedly assaulted the victim while the others encouraged them and took photos.

11/20: Delta Kappa Epsilon bros at the University of Edinburgh suggest taking feminist students on a "raping trip" in their official meeting minutes.

11/21: Bros from at least two different San Diego State University frats wave dildos and throw eggs at student rape protesters, just one day before a woman reports that she was raped at an undisclosed frat house. SDSU has since banned one of the frats, Delta Sigma Phi.


10/1: Kansas University puts Kappa Sigma on interim suspension for multiple "serious and disturbing" allegations of sexual assault at a house party.

10/16: Five students report they were roofied and sexually assaulted at UC-Berkeley's Delta Kappa Epsilon house.

10/16: A member of UC-Berkeley's Theta Delta Chi reports that he was sexually assaulted by his own frat brother.

10/28: A woman reports she was sexually assaulted on a Monday afternoon at NC State's Theta Chi house.

10/31: Two women sue Georgia Tech's Phi Tau chapter claiming they were raped by the same brother at different parties. Phi Tau is same house that circulated a "Luring your Rapebait" email with tips like, "IF ANYTHING EVER FAILS, GO GET MORE ALCOHOL."

10/31: A woman reports she was raped at a Halloween party at Emory University's SAE house.


9/10: Wesleyan bans students from the Beta Theta Pi house citing "a long history of incidents there."

9/19: Four students report being drugged at a TKE party at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Some witnesses allege the bros were using a "color-coded system" to dose female guests.

9/19: Texas Tech's Phi Delt bros display a "No Means Yes, Yes Means Anal" banner at a party.

9/28: Three separate sexual assaults are reported at UC-Berkeley frats during the last weekend of September. A Delta Upsilon brother is charged with rape by use of drugs in one of the cases, though the charge is later dropped.

9/30: A female student reports she was raped after waking up in an undisclosed frat house at Washington State University.


8/26: A woman reports she was sexually assaulted at the Sigma Phi Epsilon house at NC State.

8/28: Police look for a white man in his 20s with "shaggy blonde hair" after a sexual assault is reported at George Washington University's Phi Sigma Kappa house.

8/29: A woman reports she was sexually assaulted at the Kappa Sigma house at Texas A&M.


6/19: Three Sigma Chi bros at James Madison University are still allowed to graduate after a university panel found them guilty of videotaping their sexual assault of a female student.


5/4: Cal State San Marcos administrators advise students to "consider carefully whether their presence at or near TKE social events and parties could place them in danger of sexual assault, date rape drugs or similar illegal drug and/or alcohol use and abuse" after multiple sexual assaults are reported at TKE residences in one weekend.

5/5: A University of Wisconsin-Madison student reports she was sexually assaulted twice at an undisclosed frat house.

5/28: University of Central Florida investigates a sexual assault that allegedly occurred after a Zeta Beta Tau/Delta Zeta mixer.


4/16: Marquette University launches an investigation into Triangle Fraternity, Delta Chi, and Sigma Phi for "sexual misconduct" after sexual assaults are reported at all three houses.


3/12: Worcester Polytechnic Institute investigates reports sexual assault and humiliation at an undisclosed frat house, including one woman's claim that men threw pudding, ice, and water on her after she spent the night at the house.

3/16: A Wesleyan student sues Psi Upsilon after she reports she was raped while other students watched at a pledge party.


2/10: A woman reports she was drugged and raped at an undisclosed frat house at Auburn University.

2/12: A woman reports she was raped at Emory University's Sigma Nu house.

2/14: A woman reports she was sexually assaulted at Vanderbilt's AEPi house on Valentine's Day.

2/21: Two women reported being sexually assaulted at a party at Yale's Sigma Phi Epsilon house.


1/23: A woman reports she was sexually assaulted at the Phi Gamma Delta house at the University of North Alabama.

1/24: An Alpha Tau Omega brother is charged after allegedly sexually assaulting a woman at a Landwar University frat party.

1/27: Two women sue Georgia Tech's Phi Gamma Delta chapter—one claims she was drugged and assaulted at a house party, and the other says she was drugged and raped on a Phi Gamma Delta spring break trip to New Orleans.

[Illustration by Jim Cooke]