A group of marine biologists recently lucked into filming—possibly for the first time—a pod of killer whales trapping and eating a tiger shark near Costa Rica.

Researchers have known for years that whales have the ability to study their prey and formulate specific attack plans, but video of the underwater assaults is rare, if not nonexistent.

So a diving team was thrilled when they chanced on to a pod of killer whales living up to their names. According to Barcroft TV, Caroline Power and Nicholas Bach were on a diving trip following the pod when a tiger shark made the grave error of swimming by. The dolphins apparently forced the shark to the surface, flipped it over, and then went to town on it.

The divers apparently ended up opting for the safety of the boat, so the video isn't perfect, but there's enough on the tape to make you seriously reconsider ever jumping in the ocean again.