Earlier today The Washington Post's Wonk Blog offered up an image-heavy explainer to clear up any lingering questions about its new owner, Jeff Bezos. One small problem: they got a crucial answer wrong.

In response to the question "So who owns who with the what now?"—a question the Wonk Blog posed to itself—Dylan Matthews wrote:

Explore Holdings LLC is buying The Washington Post. Explore Holdings is Jeff Bezos’s personal investment firm, so basically Bezos himself is buying The Post.

Yes, Explore Holdings is Jeff Bezos' personal investment firm (also called Bezos Expeditions) and, yes, Jeff Bezos is the new owner of The Washington Post. However, according to the 8-k filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Explore Holdings is the deal's "guarantor." The "purchaser" is actually Nash Holdings, a Delaware limited liability corporation formed on Friday, according to Delaware's Division of Corporations website.

In a letter of agreement about the deal, the same contact information is given for both the purchaser and guarantor, directing notices to Paul Dauber, who is named as Jeff Bezos' lawyer in earlier SEC filings.

So, yes, basically, as everyone already knows, Jeff Bezos bought The Washington Post, but considering the expected intricacies of having the anti-union Amazon founder as its new owner, his employees may want to pay attention to the details.

In response to questions, a Washington Post spokesperson told Gawker: "Nash Holdings is definitely the purchaser. Wonkblog will be correcting their post."

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