For the most part, corporate America is still a boy's club. The vast majority of top corporate executives are men. Oh, they let in some women, of course. They just don't pay them as much as everyone else.

Bloomberg looked at the salary figures for the biggest public companies in America, and guess what:

Last year, of the five best-paid executives at each of the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index companies, 198 were women, or 8 percent of the total. Those high-achievers on average earned $5.3 million, 18 percent less than men, data compiled by Bloomberg show.

Even the measly 8% [!!] of executives that are women are paid almost a fifth less than their male counterparts. There is absolutely no legitimate excuse for those numbers.

Of course, all of these executives are still overpaid. One reasonable solution would be for all male executives to pay an extra 18% in "gender tax," and then that money could be used to fund programs for single mothers, domestic violence victims, female education, and to buy crate after crate of eggs to hurl at male executives as they make their way to work every day.

Then, once we fix the C-suite gender imbalance, institute full socialism.

[Bloomberg. Photo: Shutterstock]