On Saturday, Amare Stoudemire deleted an Instagram captioned "Pray for Palestine." That same day, Dwight Howard tweeted and quickly deleted "#FreePalestine," claiming the tweet was a "mistake." Today, Rihanna also tweeted and deleted "#FreePalestine," proving that even the world's largest Twitter troll wants no part of the Israel-Palestine debate.

As the death toll in Gaza rises, some Twitter users have asked celebrities to show solidarity with Palestinians caught in the Israel-Hamas conflict. Howard, for example, seemed genuinely concerned when @NckJ6 tweeted him photos of bombings in Gaza on Saturday.

After @NckJ6 suggested he "spread the word," he did. But Howard quickly realized #FreePalestine is more controversial than say, #BringBackOurGirls.

Rihanna hasn't commented on her #FreePalestine tweet, but in all likelihood, her people decided defending it wasn't worth it. According to a TMZ source, RiRi "didn't even realize" she tweeted it. (Tweets that she stands by: rooting against USA in the World Cup; mocking a 16-year-old fan's prom dress.)

Swizz Beatz, if you still count him as a celebrity, has kept his #FreePalestine tweet up since yesterday.

[Images via AP, TMZ]