The Streisand Effect, where the act of trying to hide something only results in more people seeing it, should probably be renamed The Eva Green's Boobs Effect. Green's breasts are at the peak of their fame after the uptight MPAA banned her Sin City: A Dame to Kill For poster for showing a hint of nipple under a sheer dress.

Last night, the actress told Jimmy Kimmel she thinks the whole controversy is ridiculous. She's also holding a gun on the poster, a deadly weapon, and "Boobs have never killed anyone, you know?"

"I mean, you can suffocate somebody," she added.

Potential boob-murder scenarios aside, Green might not be on Kimmel discussing how tastefully, stylishly nude she is throughout the entire film if the censors hadn't pointed a flashing neon arrow at her chest by forcing her to cover up.

If everyone in America hadn't already seen the banned poster, they have now.

[H/T Guyism]