Today, H&M released its collaboration with the fashion house Balmain, a name you will recognize if you listen to rap music, or follow celebrities on Instagram, or remember that jacket that made both Justin Bieber and Kris Jenner look like Michael Jackson. Anyway, in Europe at least, people are trying to murder each other for this shit.

In the video above, shot in Paris, you see a stampede fit for bulls.

In Zagreb, petty violence:

In Istanbul, utter chaos:

London looks... fun?

The New York Times reported from London’s Regent Street:

Nerves started to fray, and insults were traded as staff members created two lines, one for men and the other for women. Tears streaked some of the ashen and unwashed faces, to the bemusement and occasional disgust of commuters and bewildered passers-by. The hooded men brandishing duffel bags refused to leave, pushing and shoving until the police eventually arrived, blue lights flashing like the metallic chintz in the store windows.

The stuff looks like this:

I dunno. There’s a model in there who looks like Macklemore.

In New York, Racked says that things appeared to be pretty tame for whatever reason. Perhaps Americans’ desires to risk our lives for discounted electronics but not $400 emerald colored jeans is why we are an inferior nation?

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