The most addictive, dangerous new drug of 2014 is about to come back on the market. International kingpin Game developer Dong Nguyen has announced that his hit game Flappy Bird, which he took offline because it was literally ruining lives, will eventually return to the App Store.

Nguyen told Rolling Stone earlier this month that he stopped making the game because he was being hounded by the press in Vietnam, and had received emails about "workers who had lost their jobs, a mother who had stopped talking to her kids."

"At first I thought they were just joking," he said, "but I realize they really hurt themselves."

He told Rolling Stone that if he brought Flappy Bird back, it would come with a warning: "Please take a break."

Nguyen also said he was working on a vertical flying game called Kitty Jetpack. No word on when that will be out, or whether it will precede the relaunch of Flappy.

[H/T: @Neetzan]