Poor Chris Christie. Can’t even enjoy the music of a singer who hates him in public without a thousand other attendees jostling him for handshakes, taking selfies, and capturing his “Purple Rain” singalongs and exquisitely well-timed Max Weinberg air drumming on camera for all eternity.

This morning, after footage of the New Jersey governor fist-pumping along to “Out in the Street” at a Bruce Springsteen concert in Brooklyn last night went viral on Twitter, two separate anonymous attendees sent us their own footage from the show.

The first, which shows a few seconds of Christie singing his heart out to the boss’s show-opening Prince tribute, is a glorious thing to behold.

[There was a video here]

The second tipster sent highlights from Christie’s grooves to “Blinded by the Light,” the Jimmy Cliff cover “Trapped,” “Ramrod,” and the Born in the USA outtake “My Love Will Not Let You Down.”

At one point, someone—Christie?—can be heard asking, “Do you want a drink?” If Chris Christie is selfless enough to buy mid-song stadium beers for his friends at new acquaintances while his favorite band plays, Gawker takes back everything bad we ever said about him. He is a concert hero.

[There was a video here]

Here’s the money shot, from “Trapped.”

Seeing the governor’s moves in real life was a “true Jersey experience,” the tipster wrote.

Finally, Twitter user @palpatrick tagged me in his clip of a totally frantic Christie playing air guitar in a tweet this morning.

When you go out on the town this weekend, let the sprit of brew-poundin’, finger-jabbin’, straight talkin’, snack-bar tab accumulatin’ Chris Christie be your spirit guide. May we all have as much fun over the course of our lives as he did during a single show last night.