The horrific beheading of a soldier in southeast London today by two young black men has mobilized mobs of thugs to take to the streets. The Woolwich terrorists warned witnesses of "a war in London tonight" and they just might get it.

Some 200 men from the English Defence League are currently raising hell in the Woolwich district where a pair of apparently homegrown terrorists attacked and beheaded a young soldier stationed at the Royal Artillery Barracks there. The far right EDL was formed by military veterans in 2009 to protest religiously observant Islamic immigrants in England.

The slurred battle cry of the two men who murdered a soldier today on a London street seems custom made to send the EDL into a violent frenzy.

At the moment, police are clashing with English Defence League gangs roving through the neighborhood tonight. The EDL members gathered in pubs to fortify before the night's protests, which have turned into a game of throwing rubbish and bottles at the same police forces who shot and captured the Woolwich murderers.

[Screenshot via SkyNews.]