Emma Roberts joined the unwashed masses outside Dominique Ansel Bakery yesterday morning in an effort to get her hands on a genuine Cronut — New York's most elusive pastry.

But after mere seconds among the plebes, Roberts decided she had had enough of being a commoner, and sent her publicist up the snaking line to get some star treatment.

Unfortunately for Roberts, all are equal in the eye of the Cronut, and her request to line jump was promptly denied.

After a few minutes more in the midst of the hoi polloi, Roberts, unaccustomed to this "waiting" business, grabbed her big head and went home hungry.

Roberts, 22, last made headlines after she beat up her B-list boyfriend Evan Peters, leaving him with a bloody nose and several bite marks.

UPDATE: Roberts told Jimmy Fallon she didn't try to cut in line — she just didn't see the line.

So she walked up to the front and was told that the long thing with lots of people in it is the line, and so she was like "oops" and went to wait her turn. Except then they ran of Cronuts so she left.

No worries, though, because Fallon bought one and gave it to her. Crisis averted!

[H/T: The Blemish, photos via Getty]