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Do you "do" molly? Are you not necessarily addicted to the ecstasy replacement drug, but you can't have fun without it? When the molly kicks in, do you really feel like you become one with the music? Is this basically what you've been doing for the past three years? Are you hallucinating on the ceiling? Do you keep thinking about your dog who was barking when you left the house? Are you outside of your apartment complex swinging flags around because you really need to rehearse?

You'll probably want to rethink all that after watching last night's True Life, subtitled "I'm Hooked On Molly." Another episode filed into the canon.

But just in case you feel bad laughing about the young women profiled on the show, whose highlights/low points are featured above, it all seems to be working out for Paige and Ally:

Choose life, not True Life.