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It got a little awkward Monday night when the $13.4 billion dollar man himself (and his mom) reportedly weren’t allowed into the Met Gala after-party at the Manhattan Standard’s Boom Boom Room, and “waited outside in the rain at 1 a.m. but didn’t make it past the velvet rope,” says Page Six.

“Everyone was shouting and trying to help, saying, ‘He’s Elon Musk!’ And they were just like, ‘We don’t care, he’s not on the list,’” said a spy.

The Met Gala annual black tie event—which lets 600 chosen celebrity elites to secure $30,000 tickets and $275,000 tables—benefits the Met’s Costume Institute. This year’s exhibit had a “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology” theme and was co-sponsored by Apple, so tech execs like Tim Cook, Jony Ive, Travis Kalanick, Sergey Brin and Elon Musk were allowed to come too.

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The Met’s description focuses heavily on the invention of the sewing machine and “the hand/machine conundrum,” but the red carpet menagerie seems to have been told to come dressed as electronic supersonic robot clowns. Fuck a Hyperloop, a SpaceX, and a Tesla. The future is a silver Louis Vuitton crocodile skin print frock, a silver feathered Vera Wang, and a Twitter-responsive light-up LED gown. Elon Musk may have just announced a billion dollar “gym for artificial intelligence” to play Atari at, but he’s not as cool as this guy right here with the shiny arm things.

What I’m really saying is that the celebrities should have come dressed as cars, I don’t get invited to fancy parties, and oh look, shiny.