Eloise illustrator Hilary Knight is having an estate sale. Though Eloise is eternally a precocious six-year-old living atop the Plaza Hotel, she has superb taste, naturally. She is cultured and well-traveled. She has been to Paris and Moscow and the Bawth. She has an uncanny skill of naming pets. She loves dressing up. Oooh how Eloise would have loved this collection.

Here are some of the things from Knight's estate sale that Eloise would simply have adored, darling:

  • First things first, she would want this drawing of herself skittering up to the Plaza steps with her pet dog Weenie and her small turtle Skipperdee draggling behind. $4099.
  • Eloise was dressed by Yves when she visited Paris and she absolutely adores him. She would love to use this oversized silken Yves Saint-Laurent scarf—perhaps as a window curtain to a fort. Also it's decorated with nude figures—and Eloise loved the bawth. $979.
  • Eloise probably would not have liked Elizabeth Taylor. But she would have liked an illustrated book by Elizabeth Taylor entitled Nibbles and Me about Elizabeth's mischievous pet chipmunk named Nibbles. Eloise might have suggested a more creative name like Scruffledoo. $122.
  • Eloise had prodigious skills regarding playing with her food. This set of nine Fornasetti plates features faces made of root vegetables and other greenery would inspire her. $2599.
  • Eloise did not like taking her medicine. She would buy this to smash it upon the ground and skedaddle out of there before Nanny was any the wiser. $179.
  • Something called Sugar Babies! Eloise would show up just to steal the show away from Mickey Rooney. $779.
  • Oooo Eloise would absolutely go bonkers for these six figural knife rests. She would give the dog one to Weenie and then abandon the other ones on people's room-service trays. $279.
  • Oh darling—Eloise loves Kay Thompson and Richard Avedon, who took a this portrait of Kay as well as Eloise's passport photo when she visited Paris. $1279.
  • This is a fancy purse with gold on it! Eloise would buy this and then keep her turtle, Skipperdee, inside when he was tired. $99.
  • Do you know what Eloise adored the most? Eloise! And here she is, all 41 of her personalities. $1025.

It adds up to $11,428. Charge it please!

(Oh by the way, Knight clears up that Eloise does not currently reside in Brooklyn. When asked where Eloise would currently live, he answered: "Eloise lives in the era she was born in—1955. She lives at the Plaza still. In her mind it is still 1955.")

[One Kings Lane]

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