Ellen Albertini Dow, famous for playing spunky grandmothers in comedies like The Wedding Singer and Wedding Crashers, died on Monday, The New York Times reports. She was 101.

Dow was best known for her role as Rose, the “Rapper’s Delight”-reciting octogenarian in 1998’s The Wedding Singer.

“I think [Sandler and director Frank Coraci] thought it would take days and nights to get it,” Dow told the NY Daily News in 2005. “As soon as I started to move to it, it just came naturally. I still sing it all the time - it’s happy and it makes me feel good.”

Variety reports a version of the song combining Dow’s rendition with Sugarhill Gang’s original would go on to break Billboard’s top 5 in 1998.

First appearing on screen at the age of 72, Dow continued acting well into her late 90s, playing a guest role on New Girl in 2013.

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