Asked about the prospect of running for the presidency, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, America's last populist, said very clearly on the Today show this morning "No. I'm not running and I'm not going to run." Is she going to run?

Though Warren has given more vague indications in the past that she will not run, and though her path to the Democratic nomination would run through Hillary Clinton and her boatload of power brokers for hire, what remains of the left wing of the Democratic party has resolutely held out hope that she will run, even launching PR campaigns in an attempt to persuade her. But speaking to Savanna Guthrie this morning, Warren said very bluntly, in response to a question about whether she was "categorically" not running, "I'm not running."

In the wake of her words today, allow me to say this to Elizabeth Warren: Elizabeth, you should think about running for the Democratic nomination for president. You really should. Have you thought about it? Think about it. You'd be great. Will you run? You should run.

The time for being coy has passed, Elizabeth.

[Photo: AP]