KSTU reports nearly a dozen girls were made to sit against a wall before being turned away from their school's homecoming dance over the weekend after school officials deemed various aspects of their dresses inappropriate.

Erika Shepherd, a student at Utah's Bingham High School, told KSTU she was pulled aside and told to "twirl around" to determine whether or not her dress was "immodest." According to Shepherd, she was then seated against a wall, "and while I was sitting against the wall there was about ten other girls that were sitting there being embarrassed."

Though her dress was floor-length, Shepherd says those in charge of the dance told her it was "too low in the back," and that she needed to wear a jacket or go home and change.

Tayler Gillespie, a student at Utah's Bingham High School, spoke to KSTU about the reaction she received after entering the dance in the dress pictured above: "They said I either have to go home and get something to go under, or I'm not allowed in."

The school's assistant principal Janalee Taylor said Gillespie, as well as nearly a dozen other girls, were pulled aside and told to go home and change because the dress code states hemlines shouldn't go "higher than mid-thigh when seated."

Gillespie's parents, however, reportedly found it difficult to get answers from Bingham High School about why their daughter—whose outfit they say did meet the dress code—was told to go home. Gillespie's father, Chad Perhson, said:

"I asked them why they turned her away and then showed them a picture of her on the phone I'd taken myself of her sitting down where the dress meets her knees."

Gillespie says she was never asked to sit to determine whether or not her dress met the school's standards:"They just took a wild guess and said, 'You're not admitted in.'"

[image via KSTU]