An elderly man claims his penis "completely eroded away" over the course of two weeks, far past the point where reconstructive surgery could have saved it, because Kaiser wouldn't let his nurses remove a catheter. He's suing the insurance company for refusing to end his painful ordeal and causing "permanent genital mutilation," Courthouse News reports.

Rupert Collins says his nurses contacted Kaiser to let them know his penis was red and swollen, and had developed a cut. They asked to remove his Foley catheter to "give the area a rest," but Kaiser allegedly denied the request without ever sending a doctor to examine the damaged penis.

Two days later, Kaiser allegedly failed to show up for a scheduled care conference to discuss Collins' worsening catheter problem. Collins claims that, more than a week after the first request, Kaiser again denied his nurses' request to pull out the catheter.

Ten days after the original request, Collins' complaint claims, the situation was becoming truly horrifying. His daughter came to visit him, and what she saw was not pretty:

"When Diana examined Rupert's penis, she was horrified at what she saw. Rupert's penis was split completely in half from the tip of his penis all the way down to the scrotum sac."

At her urging, the nurses tried a third time to get a response from Kaiser. The company, which still hadn't sent anyone to look at this man's horrifying, mutilated dick, is accused of offering this galling reply, perhaps the first time "penis erosion" and "normal" have appeared in the same sentence: "The penis erosion is normal and will heal on its own."

On day 12 of the ordeal, the complaint continues, Collins' daughter was finally able to get her dad checked out by one of Kaiser's urologists, who allegedly delivered this unfortunate eulogy for the bloody husk that used to be a man's beloved penis:

"If Rupert had been treated earlier, the penis could have been saved but that the penile erosion was now complete, Rupert's penis would never heal and that reconstructive surgery was not a viable option."

Oh. Oh lord.

Collins' lawyers say his penis and urethra are now "completely eroded away" as a result of Kaiser's policies, and that the company's cost-benefit analysis treats an old man's ruined penis here and there as the cost of doing business.

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