Overlooked in the all the hubbub about the technical achievement and apparent rampant corruption behind Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán’s prison break Saturday was a tiny little bird friend used by the drug kingpin to test the air of the mile-long, 30-feet deep tunnel he escaped into from his cell’s shower.

From the New York Times:

Government officials visiting Mr. Guzmán’s cell after his breakout discovered the body of a small bird sitting in his trash can. The bird, they believe, was used to test the air quality of the subterranean tunnel through which Mr. Guzmán vanished, according to an official helping to coordinate the manhunt.

Officials have even given the little bird a name: “Chapito.”

Have fun testing the air in heaven, Chapito.

Officials still have no idea where Guzmán is, though late last night they released surveillance footage of his final moments in prison as well as a video detailing the elaborate tunnel he used to escape.

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