Another devious, young techno-wiz was placed safely behind bars this past Wednesday after authorities say he deftly "hacked into his school's secure computer network" by guessing the password (his teacher's last name). The crime? Changing the desktop background to two dudes kissin'. The punishment? Arrest on felony charges.

The hacker wunderkind of Holiday, Florida's Paul R. Smith Middle School, Domanik Green, explained that he uncovered the secret password by "watching the teacher type it in." At which point, and like a young Julian Assange, he "logged into a teacher's computer who [he] didn't like and tried putting inappropriate pictures on his computer to annoy him."

Unfortunately for Green, once his narc of a substitute saw the two men touching lips on his desktop, the school took the matter straight to the authorities. According to district spokeswoman Linda Cobbe, "The school district is in the process of changing the network password." How long the arduous process of picking a new password could take, though, is anyone's guess. Green also had access to computers with encrypted standardized test questions stored on them, though officials claim he didn't view or change the encrypted files.

The cyber mastermind was arrested, but released later the same day. No one is safe. [ Tampa Bay Times]

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