Do you have $25,000 and an appreciation for early aughts electric cars/Ed Begley Jr.? Cool, now you can buy Begley's old car on Craiglist. For $25,000.

Begley, of St. Elsewhere fame, is a known environmentalist who most recently had a reality show on the Planet Green channel. Someone called "Mia" is handling the sale of his "Meticulously Maintained RARE 2002 Toyota Rav4 EV" on Craiglist, and the five-graf pitch is enthusiastic. Here's a sample:

It is a clean title with 119,000 miles on it (and if you know these cars at all, you'll know this one is only in it's adolescence!) It was purchased in March 2002 at Toyota of Hollywood, and it has been meticulously maintained by them ever since. All records are held there electronically and will be made available to the new owner. This green beauty runs and drives beautifully. The automatic transmission is incredibly smooth and quiet. The only real hassle in driving it, is answering questions at every stoplight! There are only 500 Rav4EV's estimated to still be on the road today!

Emphasis added. If you like Begley more than the idea of owning a 12-year-old electric car, there's something in it for you. "The lucky new owner will have the opportunity to meet Mr. Begley in person, take a few photos, and even have him autograph the inside of the hood if you want!" Mia writes. Email now.