Photos posted to a Facebook page that appears to belong to South Carolina gunman Dylann Storm Roof show a young man posing in front of a black Hyundai Elantra with a front plate that reads “Confederate States of America” and displays three Confederate flags.

According to Raymond Tyrel Carter, who posted the photos to Facebook, they are the “only other pics” on Roof’s Facebook page besides the now-familiar shot he used as a profile picture. Carter, who is Facebook friends with Roof and has access to a expanded version of his page, wrote that the photos were dated May 25, 2015.

Charleston Police Chief Gregory Mullen said at a news conference that the shooter’s vehicle has a “very distinctive front license plate,” and the plates in the Facebook photo appear to match surveillance images taken at the scene of the killings.

The three flags displayed on the car’s license plate are the first and third flags of the Confederate States of America and the Confederate Battle Flag. The latter, shamefully, is on display outside the South Carolina state house today, just as it is every day.*

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