The scourge of the "cronut" — Dominique Ansel Bakery's mythological hybrid (as in, it's so hard to get one, it might as well be a myth) — has officially gone mainstream.

Over the last two weeks, Dunkin' Donuts has unveiled two different takes on the pastry portmanteau, neither of which is currently available stateside.

Its South Korean knockoff, the aptly titled "New York Pie Donut" (which should really be its actual name), was launched over the weekend at several locations situated in "high-end Seoul neighborhood[s]," including the infamous Gangnam District.

Quartz notes that the mass-produced nature of Dunkin's cronut hasn't prevented long lines from forming outside its stores.

In fact, the demand has been so large that the company has been forced to impose a two-cronut-per-customer limit.

Meanwhile, in Manila, selected Dunkin' Donuts stores are inviting patrons to "indulge with Donut Croissant."

A less creative name for sure, but what it lacks in branding it more than makes up for in flavor by offering two varieties of the much-sought-after snack: Apple Cinnamon and Choco Almond.

There are no current plans to bring either variant to the States, so you better learn how to make your own.

[images via Dunkin' Donuts]