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In perhaps the most heated moment of their Fox News interview, the Duggar sisters slammed the magazine In Touch Weekly, which first obtained redacted police reports describing their molestation through a Freedom of Information Act request, and its parent company Bauer Media Group.

Elder sister Jill Dillard told Megyn Kelly that the tabloids reporting the Duggars’ molestation story are “used to exploiting women.” Younger sister Jessa Seewald identified media behemoth Bauer as “a major porn provider.” (While that accusation was no doubt puzzling to some, a 2013 investigation by The Wrap indeed found that “at least nine German porn websites are easily traceable back to Bauer via online domain-ownership database.” The company is more popularly known for publishing magazines like Q, Life & Style Weekly, and J-14.)

Jessa: You can’t FOIA a juvenile case. Everybody knows that. And so I think there’s probably some hokey pokey goin’ on there. I don’t know what the whole deal was.

Jill: I know that the tabloids that released this, even have—they’re used to exploiting women.

Jessa: Yeah well Bauer—they’re a major porn provider. And, so, just maybe their mindset—they’re used to making objects out of women, and maybe we just didn’t seem any different.

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