A tipster forwarded us this video, purportedly of a group of Tulane University students beheading a goat.

The clip, first obtained by the Louisiana SPCA, depicts a man decapitating the goat, which is suspended in the air by its head over a plastic kiddie pool. The man slices the goat's head off with a machete while others cheer on. For a few moments after losing its head, you can see the goat's legs continuing to kick and its tail continuing to wag. Poor goat.

This is apparently the second goat-beheading in the New Orleans area in the past few months: The Advocate reports that the headless body of a three-month-old pygmy goat named Calvin was found in a park in January.

Update, 6:35 p.m.: A rep for Tulane sent along the following statement: "Tulane University has fully investigated this matter and we have no evidence to suggest that this video involves or is related to any member of the Tulane community."

And Alicia Haefele, an SPCA spokesperson corroborates, writing, "At this time, we can say that there is currently no evidence pointing to Tulane students being involved."

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