Luke Gatti, the 19-year-old University of Connecticut student who swaggered into a campus cafeteria with a beer Sunday night and drunkenly demanded some “fucking jalapeño bacon mac and cheese,” has reportedly been expelled from the university over the incident.

The university won’t comment on student records, but Death and Taxes cites a number of student tweets reporting Gatti’s expulsion:

And Barstool Sports obtained several campus Snapchats allegedly showing the disgraced cheesy-noodle enthusiast moving out of the dorms:

Gatti’s famous tantrum, which involved calling the cafeteria manager a “fucking idiot” and mockingly reading the unfortunate man’s nametag over and over, ended when another food service worker took him to the ground. Campus police took over from there.

Gatti previously left the University of Massachusetts-Amherst after two 2014 arrests—one for disorderly conduct where he reportedly called a police officer “fucking nigger,” and one for assaulting an officer and allegedly injuring his arm. He’s charged with trespassing and breaching the peace in the mac-and-cheese incident.

Although he may be gone from UConn, his legacy lives on in the form of the new jalapeño bacon “MacGatti” at campus establishment DP Dough.

UPDATE: The New York Daily News reports that, although Gatti appeared to have left campus with his belongings, he’s officially still enrolled at UConn. He may also have to go through University disciplinary proceedings, but the school can’t legally comment on those.

“We’re prevented from federal student privacy laws, specifically FERPA, from discussing anything else about his status or discussing potential discipline cases involving individual students,” a spokesperson told the Daily News.

UPDATE 2: Gawker’s Ashley Feinberg has obtained the official recipe for the very mac and cheese Gatti was seeking so fervently. Please enjoy.