When two St. Paul teens heard the door to their house open Saturday night, they were expecting their parents. Instead, they got a drunken zombie Santa Claus who had apparently lost his way and broken into the residence. As one does.

A 14-year-old boy was doing the dishes when the door opened. He turned to find a man "dressed like Santa," but with "a zombie head. The boy immediately ran out of the house to tell neighbors and call police, while his 16-year-old sister locked herself in the bathroom and phoned her parents, the Twin Cities Pioneer Press reported.

When cops arrived, they found the jolly, undead old elf sleeping in his own vomit and booked him for trespassing. He was later identified as 21-year-old University of St. Thomas senior Brock Quinn Johnson.

It's not entirely clear where Johnson was coming from that night. The Pioneer Press reported there was a zombie bar crawl in Minneapolis earlier that evening, and it was also homecoming weekend at St. Thomas, which is just south of the house where Johnson passed out.

[h/t UPI, Photo: The Smoking Gun]