Have you ever woken up from a crazy night of drinking inside a sealed shipping container that was just about to embark on a two-week voyage to a foreign land?

Then you and Jiang Wu should swap hangover stories.

The eastern China resident somehow managed to mistake a giant container for his room at a local B&B, and passed out inside.

Waking up the following day, Wu realized his grave error, and began phoning everyone he knew for help.

Unbeknownst to Wu, the container was exactly one hour away from being placed on a cargo ship bound for Los Angeles — a two-week trip.

Even after Wu managed to get in touch with police and conveyed his predicament, he still faced a serious race against the clock, as he was unable to identify the container he was in.

Happily, thanks in large part to banging noises he made against the sea can, Wu was ultimately found in a container stacked some 60 feet above ground.

[screengrab via Fairfax NZ News]