A Cleveland man who was attempting to prevent his drunk friend from getting behind the wheel of a car got a bullet in his chest for his troubles.

Police from the city's Second District say 43-year-old Java Bowling III noticed that his friend, 40-year-old Scott A. Campbell Sr., was in no condition to drive, so he tried to take away his car keys.

An argument ensued, which led to a physical altercation.

At some point during the brawl, Campbell produced a handgun and shot Bowling in the chest.

The suspect then took off, but was later arrested in Middleburg Heights.

Charges for Campbell are pending.

Meanwhile, Bowling was rushed to an area hospital where he is said to be recovering.

Cleveland Scene notes that six men were shot in and around the city on Saturday night alone, but this particular case "underscores the banality of gun violence."

[photo via Shutterstock]