A woman riding the Ronkonkoma branch of the LIRR this week displayed some impressive logic against her hecklers — insulting the size of their genitals and demanding they proved her wrong.

It's not clear how the argument began — the woman says the man made a rude comment while she was on the phone with her kids — but it quickly devolves into a torrent of "small penis" insults.

At one point she brings her own genitals into the argument, telling the man, "I could probably solve your problem because I have a small pussy to fit your small penis."

When the man tries to respond, she demands he show his "four-inch killer" and prove her wrong.

Finally, a female passenger objects to the penis talk, pointing out that there are children riding the train. She's promptly accused of having a "big pussy."

Amazingly however, they're able to talk their grievances out. A Christmas miracle.

[h/t Gothamist]