An Oregon man described by JetBlue as “an intoxicated customer” was arrested for criminal mischief and offensive littering on Friday after police say he urinated on several passengers, their seats and their luggage during a red-eye flight to Portland.

“Everyone was actually pretty calm,” fellow passenger Suzanna Caldwell told the Alaska Dispatch News. “At one point the officer was like, ‘Who got peed on?’”

Authorities say 27-year-old Jeff Rubin was asleep for the majority of the midnight flight from Anchorage, but stood up about 30 minutes prior to landing “and began urinating through the cracks of the seat onto the passengers seated in front of him.”

“At some point Jeff Rubin lost his balance causing him to fall backwards and urinate upwards which got on the passengers and seats next to him as well as some other passenger’s personal belongings,” police wrote in their report.

According to Caldwell, the plane then landed and police woke up and arrested Rubin, who had fallen back asleep.

“It’s not like anyone was screaming,” said Caldwell. “I didn’t even realize anything had happened until the flight attendants came up to me and told me police were going to come onboard.”

Caldwell herself was not urinated on, the Alaska Dispatch News reports.

[Image via Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office]