Here's a story to boost your confidence in airport security and the overall safety of women everywhere: An apparently drunk, 53-year-old man was arrested at the San Francisco airport Tuesday after allegedly convincing two women he was a TSA agent and ushering them into a private area to give them pat downs.

According to CBS 5, the man was dressed in khaki pants, a blue shirt, and blue gloves. He was a ticketed passenger and had been seen at the airport bar before carrying out his scheme. The San Francisco Chronicle reports:

The man, apparently without saying much, steered a woman into one of the private screening booths used to pat down selected passengers, our sources say. What happened inside isn't known, because the woman soon disappeared to catch a flight.

A few minutes later, the man directed a second woman toward the booth, our sources say. This time, however, he caught the attention of real screeners, who figured something was wrong because male screeners are prohibited from taking women into the booth for a pat-down without a female screener also being present.

He was arrested only for public drunkenness, because the women had already left the scene. He could face worse charges if investigators can find the women — it's not yet clear if either realized that he was not a real TSA agent.

[Image via CBS 5]