During an evening showing of 13 hours yesterday, a theater full of Benghazi enthusiasts in Renton, Washington bore witness to a different sort of disaster when an allegedly drunk 29-year-old dropped his gun, accidentally shooting one of his fellow theater-goers in the chest. As of this morning, the 40-year-old woman was listed as being in “serious condition.”

Speaking to a local ABC affiliate, one witness said:

It got about 15-20 minutes into the film and I believe the lady in front of us that got shot was actually talking to her husband or significant other and that’s when we heard the loud pop.

The shooter fled the scene as soon as the gun went off, but thankfully, the man’s father called 911 later that night, explaining that his son “was distraught and told him that he dropped his gun at a Renton movie theater and it discharged.” Why he was fumbling around with his gun in a movie theater in the first place, however, remains unclear.

The suspect is currently in police custody, and 13 hours is still vastly underperforming at the box office.

[h/t KOMO News]

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